Born in Teheran, January 1987. My Iranian Father has graduated at Sorbonne before he found my Mother. The Woman I have gained from - what to live Discipline means – from, in Life. My Childhood - I spent after leaving Private Kindergarden Teheran, after Age four till Teenager Age at a Village, Country Side, German Part in Switzerland. 


Surrounded by Dogs, Cats and Horses - the Mountains, to me one of the most beautiful Places in the World, long before I had found my Passion for Ski and Snowboard. By the Time my Basic Education for a Publishing House in Switzerland ended, it took me related to further Education from Teheran, South England, London, Southern France to Lyon. Years I have spent in Geneva, Zurich before and between, back around Appenzells Flowers.


As I had the Chance to establish such as to lead Projects for Migration - I learned to speak in front of People - who would give me one of the Most Fragile Rights of Human Beings - in my Hands. The Right for Basic-Education. 


Ever since, I had the Chance to learn on my Path - from the Best. Family Members, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern combined with my Swissness Swiss DoubleCitizen Mindset - what the Mindset of Enepreneurship contains - as my Uncles in Teheran run Notary Offices since three Generations.


Life took me trough the Jungle of Finance, Financing, Financing RealEastate, Coaching Individuals and Companies, advicing Entrepreneurs - by Presence of Architects, working with various Entepreneurs, where I faced the Task - of being a Brand itself - 7 Days per Week. By Age of 33, I allowed myself a little ‚Break’ from the Universe and Sector of Enepreneurship, Banking, Finance, RealEstate, Trade such as Coaching of Indivduals and Entepreneurs, Companies. As I am very Swiss, and admire Precision, Persevarence, such as adore most - the Ability within the Spirit of People - to keep down to Earth.


I would love to coach and guide you trough the Obstacles on your Path - to reach your Goals on an International Level.