Mental Coaching & Mental Training

Our Mental Strenght is based by the Power of our Thinking.

The Spirit (Mental Health) influences the Body, Feelings and Behavior.

In the Beginning was the Word, the Thought. We become what we think of ourselves. Body, Mind and Soul are an Indivisible Unit.

In Mental Coaching, wonderful Forces work specifically with your Subconscious in order to mentally activate the necessary Self-Healing Powers and implement them permanently for your Benefit.

I am Religion neutral. That means:

With my Coaching you can be who you are.

Every Human Being carries Individual Strengths and Imprints with them, which make you the Person you are and unique.

What distinguishes a Mental Coach from Pedagogues or your Private Environment?

  • As a Mental Coach, I accompany you without Prejudice
  • Your Career is important to me as a Coach insofar, as building on your Strengths
  • You are the Focus and your Goals
  • I accompany you on your Way only until you find yourself without a Coach feel (more) stable again

How can Mental Coaching/ Training help me?

  • To live more consciously, to shape everyday Life and Goals more positively in Spirit
  • To process Trauma, Grief
  • To promote Strengths, to set Goals
  • To strengthen your Self-Confidence
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