Japanese Reiki, Dipl. Integrative Medicine

Increase Life Energy for Soul, Mind and Body

What is Reiki therapy?

Reiki, which originated in Japan, is a Form of Energy Medicine.

According to the Reiki Philosophy, Illness occurs when a person's Connection with the 'Universal Life Energy' is blocked.

The Goal of Reiki is to achieve Physical and Mental Health.

Reiki as a Supplement to Conventional Medicine.

Reiki does not claim to replace Conventional Medicine.

Reiki supports/ strengthens:

Reiki for Children and Teenagers:

  • Fears/ panics: Anxiety about School, People, fellow Human Beings
  • Exam Anxiety/ difficulty concentrating
  • Chronic Pain
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Trauma

Reiki for Adults:

  • Dissolving Fears
  • Preparation or support of Healing before and after Operations
  • Pain relief
  • Long-Covid
  • Pregnancy (regulates high blood pressure, reduces Anxiety)
  • Relief from psychosomatic Symptoms/ Mental Exhaustion
  • Accompaniment of and with various Treatments such as: Parkinson's

The Aim of a Reiki Treatment is to release Blockages. Blockages are often the Cause of Psychological and consequently Physical Ailments, even Illnesses. The power centers (Chakras) are balanced and Harmony returns. The Self-healing Powers are activated. The Body and Mind strengthened.